Robin Cooper

April 23rd, 2013, 3:15 am

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Little bitch.

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Venom master, April 23rd, 2013, 3:15 am     Reply

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Name: Robin Cooper (proffered with Miss., Mistress, Lady, etc.)
Gender: Genderless (Designed to represent a girl without any anatomic features)
Age: Around 400 (Appearance 9, build in XVII A.D.)
Height: 1,44m/4,72ft/6 heads
Weight: 32,7kg/72 Ibs
Occupation: Self-called aristocrat, robot companion
Likes: Heavy metals (as for food), games, intelligent and/or high positioned people, solitude, "when they kneel..."
Dislikes: Water, lower class society, cheaters, being looked down upon by others;
- Mechanical strength, durability and reflexes - stronger than average adult, could toss a car, nothing above;
- Genius-level intellect - computer-like brain;
- Aquaphobia - a bit irrational but Robin won't go near any water closer than 1m;
- Slow movements - she does not run and moves with grace, she believes it is much more appealing for a lady;
- Minimal real battle experience - Robin fought like 3 maybe 4 times in her life and mostly against robo-Jennifer;
- Lack of emotions - Even though she seems a bit impulsive, Robin does not show any other emotions than disgust for others;
- Windy, open spaces - its hard to control her clouds when wind blows them around;

- Various gas manipulation - Robin's main weapon are various gasses she releases through her arms. It can take any shape, colour, scent and/or size. Each gas has a different effect like smoke screen, sleep, perfumes, corrosion, poison etc. The gas itself is filled with small metal filings from her meals, which allows her to control those clouds of gas with her magnetic hands. However, the heavier and bigger the cloud is, more energy she needs to spend. Also she doesn't posses any protection against her own ability, take a hint;
- Laser - Beneath her neck, there's a small amulet connected straight down to her core, capable of shooting small laser bullets. Since it takes a lot of energy, Robin uses it only as a secondary weapon;
- Flight - On her back is a small hatch with a rocket inside, when it opens, it looks like a pair of bat wings and grants her ability to fly;

- Affably Evil - Well mannered, helpful, dzmgh gl wvhgilb gsv Oryizib.
- Break The Haughty - Dislikes lesser class beings yet she usually gets involved, help or gets turned down by them;
- Really 700 Years Old - really 400 y/o, keeps calling others "child";
Robin's personality is rather complicated because of her lack of emotions and feelings. She uses pure logic in everything she does or experiences. For her, world is always black and white... and thousand different colours. All that is irrational or causing logic errors has no rights to be. Her way of thinking is not as elastic as that of humans and she does not have any sense of morality.
Taking her creator was a noble, Robin believes she herself is also one. Anyone who is not at least related to a noble will be called a commoner or worse.
Formed to represent a strigoi (vampire), Robin seems to be proud of her feeding methods: she regenerates her energy by eating metal and therefor she would rather eat another robot than just a pieces of random mechanism.

Robin was created by Nathaniel Cooper around year 1600+ as a gift for his 9 y/o daughter Jennifer as a robotic sister and games companion. Her life seemed to go well until one tragic day when during riding competition a pile of fireworks explode causing Jennifer to fell off her horse and die by breaking her spine. Soon it came out that the incident was a sabotage which completely broke Nathaniel. He rebuilt Jennifer in a form of a robot with her soul and a bomb inside in hope that she will personally kill everyone he blamed for her death. After she refused, Robin couldn't take her sister's disobedience and buried everyone beneath the ruins of their house for 400 years. Not long ago they both have been digged out by a terrorist group who turned them into a living weapons. However, for an unknown reason, during the training battles, Robin mortally wounded robo-Jennifer and tossed her body down the river. Ever since, Robin was wandering around the globe in search for her sister.
Robin cut all ties with the organization and now lives in the ruins of their mention.

- Robin's build is mechanical, not electronic. Her body is similar to a doll, made of steel and covered with thin layer of gel.;
- There's always a smell of roses around her;
- Her aquaphobia comes from awareness of what water does with metal, even thought it has no instant effects on her functions or body;
- Her mouth is filed with sharp, saw-like teeth able to bite through metal however she refuses to eat meat afraid blood could get into her mechanisms;
- Robin can be easily distracted if she is proposed with any sort of game, however she does not accept any form of cheating. It comes not from being childish but that her primal functions were games and keeping company. She can't refuse any request for help either but turns into a b*tch about it in a short amount of time;

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OUT, April 23rd, 2013, 1:14 pm     Reply

@Venom master: i was soo hoping too see her in xD

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